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The presence of a Plug and Save charger at your venue means more than just offering a service; it’s about creating a hub where drivers pause and engage, providing your business with increased visibility and the chance to captivate a captive audience.

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At Waikato SsangYong and LDV, integrating a Plug and Save EV charger into our dealership has elevated the customer experience to new heights. It's not only immensely convenient for our customers purchasing EV vehicles but also presents a unique opportunity for them to explore our showroom. As they charge their vehicles, customers often take the time to wander through our dealership, discovering our latest models and offers. This setup has enabled us to build stronger relationships with our visitors, turning a simple stop for charging into a comprehensive and engaging dealership experience. The addition of the charger has truly aligned our brand with forward-thinking practices and deepened our connection with the community.

Evan Peveral

Dealership Owner