New Zealand's FIRST DC EV Charger With Tap & Go Ability!

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With Our 160KW Fast Charger!!!

Our Rate is $0.75cents per kWh

Charging Innovation without the Infrastructure Hassle

At Plug and Save, we’re revolutionising the EV charging experience across New Zealand by making DC fast charging not just rapid but remarkably accessible. With our cutting-edge DU-Power 160KW units – akin to the acclaimed VW units in Europe – we’re setting new standards in efficiency and convenience.  We have the most powerful charger network in New Zealand!

Our unique two-gun DU-Power units are a game-changer in the industry, promising an exceptional charging experience. The magic lies in our swift deployment capability. We can establish a fully operational charging station within days, not weeks, selecting optimal sites with minimal fuss and absolutely no hefty investments in grid infrastructure. This agility stems from our DU-Power units’ remarkable compatibility with a range of power inputs, including 16 amp, 32 amp, and 63 amp three-phase feeds. This flexibility ensures that no matter the location challenges, Plug and Save can deliver top-notch charging solutions right where they’re needed.

Effortless Charging With A Simple Tap Of Your Debit Or Credit Card

Plug and Save is proud to introduce New Zealand’s first EV charging service with the convenience of tap-and-go payments. Say goodbye to app downloads and hello to effortless charging with just a tap of your debit or credit card. We’re dedicated to making your charging experience as seamless and user-friendly as your drive.

tap and go capability

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Energise Your Business with Plug and Save

Elevate your business’s visibility and customer footfall by becoming a Plug and Save Charging Host. Embrace the forefront of green technology and join a network dedicated to convenience and sustainability.

Hosting a Plug and Save charger not only positions your business as a leader in eco-friendly practices but also attracts a growing demographic of EV users seeking a reliable and rapid charging solution.

Benefit from increased dwell time as drivers recharge, providing you with a unique opportunity to enhance customer engagement and boost sales. Discover how hosting a Plug and Save charging station can turn your location into a sought-after destination and drive your business into the future.